Madeline West Antiques
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Mending the Nets by a Shoreline 
1. Mending the Nets by a Shorline
R. Poate, Circa 1854 
w 26"   h 26"  (w/ frame)
w 20"   h 20"  (w/o frame)

Ref #AA 32
Ship painting - British school   2.  19th C Ship Painting, British School
oil on canvas
w 29"   h 39"  (w/frame)
Ref #D 86

Mother & Child 3.  Mother & Child
F. de Vermeuil

   Oil on board.
w 15"   h 12 1/2"  (w/ frame)
w 10"   h 7 1/2"  (w/o frame)
Ref #C 80

Hudson River Multi-Media on paper 4.  Hudson River Multi-Media on paper 
Circa 1900
Signed but indecipherable.
w 34"   h 26 1/2"  (w/ frame)
  Ref #R 21

Figure in a Woodland Glade 5.  English engraving by Hedley Fitton (1859-1929)
Hedley Fitton
(1857 – 1929 was a highly awarded
British Etcher and Print Maker.  He was born in Manchester
and worked for The Daily Chronicle, specializing in etchings
of architectural subjects. In 1907, Fitton won the
Gold Medal awarded by the Société des Artistes Français,
and in 1908 he was elected an associate member of the
Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers. His work
was exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal Society of
Painter-Etchers and Engravers, Royal Watercolour
Association and at the Paris Salon.
w 29"   h 37 1/2"  (w/ frame)
    Ref #AA 30
19th Century Gentleman 6.  19th Century Gentleman
oil on canvas
w 33"   h 38"  (w/ frame)
(has had some conservation – in beautiful condition)
   Ref #C 19
A. C. Howland (1838- 1909) 7.  A. C. Howland (1838- 1909)
oil on board
American artist; Born  in 1838 in Walpole.
His work is at the Layton Art Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, and Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.
w 23''   h 18" (w/frame)
Ref #C 59

Andre Gisson, (1921 – 2003)8.  Andre Gisson, (1921 – 2003)
Oil on canvas. Circa 19th Century
Gisson’s real name was Anders Gittelson.
Born in 1921 in Brooklyn, he graduated from
the Pratt Institute and was a Captain in the
Army during World War II. To enhance his
reputation, he claimed to be French and adopted
the brush name of André Gisson.  He also professed
to have been born in 1910 rather than his true
birth date of 1921, to be more closely aligned
with the founders of the Impressionist movement.

His work is in the collections of the Smithsonian Institution
and the Triton Museum of Art, in North Carolina. Among his
private collectors were President Lyndon B. Johnson and
W. Somerset Maugham.
  w 40"   h 34"  (w/ frame)
   w 30"   h24"  (w/o frame)
   Ref #L 111

by Frank Russell Green 9.  Frank Russell Green, (1856-1940)
Oil on canvas
Green studied in Paris with Boulanger, Lefebvre, Collin
and Courtois, and during his career received numerous
exhibitions and awards, including an honorable mention
at the Paris Salon of 1900.
w 20 1/2"   h 16 1/2"  (w/ frame)
   w 16"   h 12"  (w/o frame)
   Ref #C 65

German Romantic Period (1800-1825)10.  German Romantic Period (1800-1825)
Oil painting
w 33" h 26 1/2" w/frame 
Ref #C 81